GMC Savana

After deciding on a vehicle it is important to select the proper refrigeration system, electric or engine driven?


238 cu. ft | 6.7 cu. m


284 cu. ft | 8.04 cu. m

Low Roof Height
GMC sticks to a smaller roof height which helps the driver park in almost any parking lot, even with the roof-top condenser
Low Lift Height
For quick deliveries it is always nice to have a low hitch height to be able to get in out of your van easily. With an insulated floor it can take quite the jump in the end
Duramax BioDiesel Capability
The Duramax Diesel engine is designed to operate on B20 biodiesel allowing you to use renewable resources and 80 percent petroleum diesel
Trusted Brand
GMC has been making a very similar van for years and has stood the test of time with its design and integrity
12V Charger for Electric Reefer
Cube Van Reefer