Peace of Mind in Driving Electric Reefer Vans

Electric Reefers in British Columbia

Electric reefer vans are growing in popularity. They are better for the environment, easier to maintain, quickly installable, and cheaper overall. Similar to buying an electric car for driving around the city, there are obvious long-term benefits, aside from its eco-friendly nature. If you have a fuel powered vehicle, you might also be paying an extra $200-500 per month. Why? Because of this need to pay this extra cash for gas! Purchasing an electric unit saves you hundreds of dollars each month just by dodging this single necessity.

Prices for standby chargers are decreasing, while commercial areas such as malls, universities, and recreational centers are recognizing the need to install electric car chargers. The concern for running out of juice is now a lowly echo from the past.

If you’re on a delivery team and you’re worried about where to charge your unit, where should you look?

BC Hydro & PowerTech labs see these concerns and have implemented charging stations all over British Columbia. This gives drivers peace of mind when trying to complete their day-to-day tasks. Public charging stations can be found at this link.


If you’re a driver with an interest in retrofitting electric reefer units, there are options! Some of these options include:

  1. Thermoking‘s ER-230: all-electric stationary trailer refrigeration units for the cold storage industry.
  2. Volta Air Technology‘s VAR 150: Entirely 12v, the no-idle system that is designed purposefully for customers to easily start their own reefer projects with full electric reefers. No engine work is required and therefore allows for longer engine life and easy installation.
  3. Carrier Transicold‘s Vector 8100 E-Drive: Designed especially for supermarkets, produce warehouses, food distribution centers and other businesses that use refrigerated trailers for on-site cold storage.

Vancouver is on its way to becoming the greenest city in the world. Electric units and electric cars are now an unavoidable fact of the present. 

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