Kitsilano, Reefer Van for Freezing Macarons

Reefer Van for Bon Macaron in Kitsilano, British Columbia for transporting their delicious Macarons from their locations as well as providing clean quiet cooling at trade shows. Equipped with two tray racks to make for easy loading and un-loading. The trays can slide from one side to the other on the rails of the racks. Both racks are removable so if the great folks at Bon Macaron decide to transport different loads, with a couple of wingnuts spun off it is achievable. The reefer van was retrofitted by PIC Contracting and Cool-it Hiway Services, the electric unit (VAR150) is from Volta Air Technologies. The reefer unit can run off of 115VAC 15A breaker making it easy for any generator or wall outlet to operate the cooling system. The unit was tested and reached a temperature of -13 degrees Celsius in an hour and a half of operation off the stand-by

The insulation was done with rigid poly-iso board (2″ thick) with two bulkheads. The back is used for dry storage for carrying different products or supplies for trade shows.

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