Richmond, Refrigerated Trailer for Beer at Festivals, Concerts, Events

Reefer Trailer for Les at Georgia Straight Event Services in Richmond, British Columbia providing ice cold beer to thousands of thirsty patrons annually. Equipped with over 30 taps Les and his team are beer saints. Georgia Straight Event Services also provides emergency refrigeration / frozen services for when your system or power craps out. The Reefer trailer was done by Cool-it using two electric units (VAR300) from Volta Air Technologies. The two units provide a good redundancy if one of the units decides to not work or only have the trailer is being used. Also, by having two separate units they can both be run off of 115VAC 15A breakers making it easy for any generator or wall outlet to operate the trailer. Sure as hell beats using 3-phase or split power. The unit is good up to 0 degrees Celsius and can reach it (depending on how the sun gods feel that day) within an hour.

Les and his team did their own insulation and were able to fit 3″ of XPS foam. They finished it off with FRP panels having an average R-value of 12. They used chequered aluminium plates around the doors and wheel wells. They then added curtains to maintain proper cohesion between the two units as well as limit the cooling losses when doors have to be opened to replace an empty keg.

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